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Chapter display signs

for Gold Wing Touring Association of Washington

This project was exciting and invigorating, yet had elements bordering on tedious. The circles on this page represent each of the active Gold Wing motorcycle touring clubs in Washington State. They were printed on adhesive-backed mylar and attached to triangles of lexan; then mounted on rods on the rear of each motorcycle, opposite the existing national GWTA logo.

The group's retention director approached me to help him learn how to use Photoshop to clean up a few chapter logos. Closer investigation revealed the true need. The new logos had to match exactly the 4-inch national logo. They had to reproduce as faithfully as possible the chapter logos on the various club websites. And that meant working from severely restricted resolutions, not at all adequate for printing.

The first challenge was to upsize the logos for which no other artwork could be produced. My standard technique is:

  • Open the 72-dpi image in Photoshop and change the image resolution to 300 dpi.
  • Make a duplicate of the image and change its resolution to 1600 dpi.
  • Return to the original and delete all picture information, leaving a blank white rectangle at 300 dpi.
  • Drag the duplicate image into the original, holding down the "Shift" key to position its layer in the image center.
  • Using the navigation palette, shrink the view until the image can barely be seen.
  • Prepare to transform the new duplicate layer ("CTRL + T" [PC] or "Command + T" [Mac]), so that the bounding rectangle is visible.
  • Holding the "Shift" key, drag all the corners (the little black squares at each corner) until the bounding box exactly fits the image area.
  • Click the check mark on the right side of the Options toolbar.

The resulting image will be a lot smoother than just blowing up the image itself—Photoshop deliberately softens as it reduces. Keep in mind this is still NOT really high-quality, but it will work when no other options are available.

The rest of the image revision process is to use the various Photoshop vector and text tools to recreate image elements that didn't upsize well or can be easily replaced. For example, Chapter O's logo, the state capital building, was simple to duplicate (it took a long time and was tedious, but was mostly positioning rectangle vectors, so it was easy).



  • Please be patient while images appear.
  • To view full-size logo, click each thumbnail
  • To save full-size image, right-click image and choose
    "Save PICTURE as"
    (Note: Thumbnails and center image are the same.)

Chapter B


Chapter C

Chapters A-M

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Chapter D


Chapter E


Chapter F


Chapter G


Chapter I


Chapter L




Chapter O

Chapters O-Z

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Chapter P


Chapter Q


Chapter S


Chapter U


Chapter V


Chapter X


Chapter Y


Chapter Z



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