Web and print: graphics, interface, design

Visual appeal builds effective communications

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As a writer, I learned long ago that just words are often not enough. It takes images to fully explain, to communicate the full story. Part of that vision is understanding where pictures, graphs, and design elements are needed to fill in gaps that make the words work … and where they are not. Here are some of my favorite creative works.

In a career filled with communications successes, I found much of the effectiveness came from developing and designing strong graphics and effective user interfaces. I tell people that it takes vision to be a strong writer. My business card says "Communications integration for busines growth," and lists—among other things—"Web, print, publicity, brand development, presentations, training, documentation, trade shows, multimedia."

As you review this portfolio, I ask that you keep in mind there are explanations behind each project. Each was created to meet a need—and often, the story behind it is as interesting as the result itself. NOTE: Some projects are not included due to non-disclosure agreements.

User interfaces

Building a better website


Turning assets into branding


Order out of chaos


Customer service training



Photographing a moving train


Adding movement and grace to cubicles



Chapter display signs adorn motorcycles


Commemorative bookmark


Mapping railroad history


Establishing flaming brand


Touring fabulous Istanbul



Communications success story boosts sales by 20%


Marketing for engineers can be fun


Meet in historic Bangkok


Creating climber cover


Madrid: The best place on earth