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Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine Fills Small Business Need for Instant Email Server

Seattle Lab and Ramp Networks combine forces to provide new technology

BOTHELL, WA and SANTA CLARA, CA — Finally there is a "one-stop" solution to setting up an email server and providing employees with immediate access to email and the Internet. For small-to-medium sized businesses, an easy and inexpensive solution is available from Seattle Lab, the leader in software connectivity solutions. In conjunction with Ramp Networks, the leading provider of easy-to-use Internet access devices, the companies have just released the Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine (SLIMM), a bundled combination of well-integrated hardware and Seattle Lab's software for Windows NT.

The SLIMM hardware/software solution is attractive for small-to-medium sized companies who are not currently managing their own email services and need to get costs under control, especially those companies who do not have the size or need for an IS Manager. SLIMM comes complete with monitor, U.S. Robotics 56K v.90 modem, keyboard, mouse, drives, and a WebRamp M3 from Ramp Networks -- everything necessary to create a network and get connected to the Internet right away.

"For company managers who realize they need to quickly set up an email server to make email and the Internet accessible to their employees, this is a simple, affordable solution," said Larry Heberlein, president of Seattle Lab. "The SLIMM computer comes ready to use as a network server, which makes it that much more versatile."

"We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Seattle Labs who provide the leading email and remote server software," said Patty Burke, vice president of Marketing for Ramp Networks. "By combining the award-winning WebRamp M3 and Seattle Lab's Emurl software, small and medium sized businesses can now reduce the costs of hosting email on their ISP's site."

SLIMM Features

SLIMM is a stand-alone computer operating as a network server and email server -- it offers a one-stop messaging service, providing email, web-based email, telnet, remote administration, and web server capabilities. It is easy to setup, easy to use, and versatile enough for a wide range of network situations. SLIMM can be used as a separate server or in conjunction with existing networks. It operates well with conventional telephone wiring or ISDN connections, and purchasers can upgrade at any time. The server even works well with Macintoshes or combinations of PC and Macs running on the same network.

SLIMM contains Seattle Lab's three most popular email and remote server programs: SLmail for Windows NT, the simple to use but powerful complete email solution from Seattle Lab; Emurl for Windows NT, for web-based email system; and RemoteNT, the new remote administration solution for Windows NT. Self-extracting installers come preloaded on the Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine, ready to be installed and configured. The Seattle Lab software bundled with SLIMM comes prelicensed for unlimited users.

Network connectivity is provided by the award-winning Webramp M3 integrated analog router from Ramp Networks. The WebRamp M3 is the most affordable way to provide Internet access for everyone. Its combination of a four-port Ethernet hub and the patent-pending COLT technology will allow the SLIMM direct Internet access.

Featuring 64 megabytes of synchronous dynamic RAM and an AMD K6 processor with a minimum speed of 233 Mhz, SLIMM is a small footprint desktop computer about the size of two stacked pizza boxes. It comes with a 14-inch .28 VGA monitor, a 24-speed CD-ROM drive, and built-in video, sound card, and networking.

Pricing and Availability

The Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine is currently available for an estimated street price of $3,499.00. SLIMM can be ordered by telephone; by fax; by email, or U.S. mail to: SLIMM, Seattle Lab, Inc., 9606 NE 180th Street, Bothell, WA 98011.

The computer comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack 3, including the Microsoft Internet Information Service v.3.0 required for Emurl. As delivered, SLIMM's NT 4.0 is prelicensed for five users.

About Seattle Lab

Seattle Lab provides the best connectivity tools available on the market today. Seattle Lab has been on the forefront of Windows NT development since NT's release, focusing exclusively on creating business solutions using the most advanced technologies. Customers include universities, government agencies, and companies of all sizes around the world. Represented by hundreds of resellers worldwide, Seattle Lab has OEM agreements with many companies.

Full-featured versions of Seattle Lab's other products, including the highly-respected SLnet telnet server, and SLink, a serial terminal server, can be downloaded from the Seattle Lab website. Seattle Lab is dedicated to fighting junk email distribution (spamming) and the company's email products can be customized to provide extensive filtering capabilities. Seattle Lab is privately held.

About Ramp Networks

Ramp Networks is the leading provider of easy-to-use, fast Internet access devices for growing small businesses. Ramp Network's award-winning WebRamp products are designed to enable the more than 75 million small businesses worldwide to efficiently leverage the Internet as a strategic business tool. Ramp Network's WebRamp M3 products are based on its patent-pending Connection Optimized Link Technology (COLT), which can double or triple the performance for downloading Web pages via regular telephone lines, and allows multiple users to access the Internet simultaneously using a single integrated device.

The Ramp product family includes the pioneering WebRamp M3, the industry's first analog router and the WebRamp M3, the first product to combine both Internet and remote access is one affordable device. Ramp Networks is privately held and backed by more than $36 million in corporate and venture capital funding. Compaq Computer (NASDAQ: CPQ) has made an equity investment in Ramp Networks and is engaged in ongoing product development with the company. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling 888/726-7638; by fax at 408/988-6363; via e-mail at info@rampnet.com; or visit its website at www.rampnet.com.


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