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Seattle Lab fixes security issue in SLmail

Beta release corrects denial of service problem

BOTHELL, WA — A security problem was discovered with the release versions of both SLmail 3.0 for Windows NT and SLmail 2.6 for Windows 95. Seattle Lab is always concerned about security, and especially concerned about meeting the needs of our customers who are also concerned about security.

We have focused Seattle Lab's engineering resources on correcting the problem in SLmail, although we understand that this problem also affects other mail servers not made by Seattle Lab. Our new SLmail 3.1 and SLmail 2.7 have fixes for this denial of service attack. Both can be downloaded from the Seattle Lab website. Please enter the product's serial number in the form to authenticate the download.

Specifically, the problem is a denial of service attack, which is usually initiated from outside the mail server site. If the MAIL FROM: line in the SMTP envelope exceeds 256 characters, it causes a critical error in SLmail's router and causes the SLmail.exe service to shut down.

Seattle Lab takes pride in being responsive to our customer needs and requests. It has became clear to us how serious this problem is to our customers and how much concern is caused about these denial of service attack reports. While we feel the likelihood of any such problem arising in normal use of SLmail, we feel it is in the best interest of our customers to be able to protect their mail servers.

Allowing unlimited users, unlimited mailboxes, and unlimited distribution lists, SLMail for Windows NT is scalable to any size enterprise.

SLmail costs $425 and has no user license restrictions. Free, fully featured evaluation copies may be downloaded from Seattle Lab's website at www.seattlelab.com.

Seattle Lab offers industrial strength, enterprise-wide, and mission-critical servers for communications and connectivity, including the web-based email server Emurl and the remote Windows administration tool RemoteNT.


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